Call or Text: (866) 997-8277Live Chat Us Down Below

Call or Text: (866) 997-8277Live Chat Us Down Below


Business Clients

  • What does Click Starr Marketing do?

    We are a Marketing Agency offering a complete stack of marketing services, products & apps including digital and local advertising, business listing building, social media services, website & graphic design, reputation management, search engine optimization, content creation, customer experience, conversion optimization, personalization marketing, analytical reporting, custom app development, AI chat bots & more.
  • Which industries & business types does Click Starr Marketing work with?

    Over the past 15 years we have worked with all sorts of businesses & industries. If clients or sales are to be had, we can market effectively. That said, we have some specialty experience in certain industries including those in real estate (Agents, Brokerages & Lenders), healthcare (Dentists, Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, etc.), law, professional services (Contractors, Architects, Retail & E-Commerce), local business technologies & support as well as SaaS technology. We take the time to discuss & learn about your business so that we can prepare a strategy & promote you in the most advantageous way, delivering the greatest return on each marketing dollar invested.
  • How can I get started with your services?

    Simply reach out via any of our contact methods OR simply complete the "Free Website Audit" form. This will prompt us to respond to you immediately & we will be very keen to discuss your unique business & needs.
  • What if I want more info, but am not ready to start paying for marketing?

    That's cool, too! You can fill out our "Free Website Audit" form or contact us however you'd like, including booking a time into our Founder & CEO Starr Watson's calendar
    We will not spam you, we really truly want to help. 
  • Is there anything else I should know?

    We believe strongly that foundation first is the way to go. This means ensuring you have accurate business listings updated regularly (so your customers can find you!), your social sphere managed (you can DIY or hire us, but you need to be doing social) & digital marketing up and running (spend money to make money, average ROI is 5-10x paid marketing spend). Then simply automate the rest (follow up, social posts, email marketing, review gathering), nurture your leads, close/sell, rinse & repeat. 

Fellow Marketing Professionals

  • Do you want to work less, make more & discover work/life balance?

    If the answer is yes, reach out to us to discuss our Agency Collective. This is a special community of like-minded creatives who exist to support one another in the growth of their businesses in what can often feel like a very lonely world for solo/entrepreneurs.
  • Scaling without stress is possible with the right tools & team. READ ME for details.

    With the right tech stack and the best mentor(s), you can offer your clients success without stress. Imagine your business using the very same tools that your customers do. How's that for "getting on the same page"? Cohesion with clients is completely possible when you follow our integrated plan.
  • How would partnering with you affect my existing customers?

    It wouldn't, except positively. We only want to help you perform fantastically for your clients so you can retain, delight and scale to more clients than you have ever had before.
  • Do you have any incentives for new agencies or freelancers?

    If you meet our new Agency/freelancer requirements, we just might. Get in tough today to share with us some details about your business, goals and current standings.
  • Why should I trust your company to be my partner to scaling & 6 figure success?

    Because we have been where you are and we have risen. We have spent the long hours, sleepless nights, invested the big dollars, signed the contracts and shaken the hands to forge the relationships that you wish you could. You don't have to repeat all of our hard work! If you are a good fit, we'll share with you and it won't cost you a cent in "membership" fees, no smoke and mirrors, no BS. Just real people, real help and real success for Agencies and Clients.