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Five Advantages of Letting Your Employees Work From Home

Five Advantages of Letting Your Employees Work From Home

During this current unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, it is now more viable and necessary than ever to let your staff work from home. Give your employees the right services &  software, and they'll be able to work on collaborative projects, answer emails, take calls, and attend meetings via simple video or audio conferencing systems. These are becoming fewer and fewer reasons not to allow your staff to work from home and a whole host of reasons why you very much should. Read on for five reasons with love from Team Click Starr.

#1: They Will Often Get More Done

Believe it or not, staff who work from home will often be more productive than they would be working from the office. Because there will be fewer distractions in many cases, the team will be in a more comfortable setting since it is their home. Because they won't be tired out by commuting, they will be fresh & alert more often. What's more, they will feel they need to earn the right to work from home, which means a much work as would be done in the office and probably more continue receiving the power. #worksmarternotharder

#2: They Will Be Happier

This shouldn't be understated. People who have the option to work from home can do more of the things they love and design their work to fit around their lifestyle. Whether that is a busy Mom of 4 like me, an on-the-go 20 somethings climbing the rungs of a corporate ladder. Ladders are now online, don't you know! When someone enjoys their work, they will naturally do a better job more often - fair? This is the way that work should be, and the result is a happier staff who will ultimately work better & be more likely to stay with you for the long haul.

#3: You Will Attract Better Staff

When you tell your prospective employees that they'll be able to work from home, they will be more likely to want to work for you – you likely have the pick of the best staff rather than whoever is available and happens to live close enough to your office to get there. Go digital and hire the best talent regardless of geographic distance!

#4. You Will Be Moving In A Forward-Thinking Manner

Let's face it, in the next few years - notably, the next few decades - working from home is going to become the norm anyway. You might as well embrace it now as a savvy, forward-thinking organization, instead of considering it much later like a dinosaur stuck in the past. The world was digital before Coronavirus hit our planet. Now, whoever wasn't ready has had to make the jump to go digital whether they like it or not. Digital? Swim. Don't? Sink.

#5. You Will Cut Costs

If your staff work from home some or all of the time you will be able to work with a smaller office, or no office ar all! Think about the reduction in your energy bills alone. You'll still be paying your tea the same, and since their output will always be the same - or better! - the result will naturally be better profit margins.

As the CEO of a Creative Agency, I have had the pleasure - and the pain - of working from my home for most of my working life. I consider myself a bit of a pro - I was doing it long before COVID. As a silver lining to the difficulties our world faces today, I am confident that we will grow positively from this experience like a lotus flower, rising towards brighter and more sustainable futures.