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Call or Text: (866) 997-8277Live Chat Us Below!

Advertising Intelligence and Advanced Reporting

Advertising Intelligence and Advanced Reporting

  • Bring Channels Together

    Experience the joy of unified reporting. Advertising Intelligence brings your clients’ ad campaigns under one roof so you can see what’s working across various platforms. Uncover recipes behind rockstar campaigns, pinpoint what’s making you money, and use automation to stay on top of reporting for regular review and strategy.

  • Automated Reporting

    How much is your time worth? Manual reporting is time-consuming, not scalable and eats into your margins. Use Advertising Intelligence to consolidate reporting from many different platforms. Slice and dice the data to understand where your best customers come from, what keywords are driving traffic, which channels are your best returns and so much more.

  • Support Channels

    We're always working to add more but for now:
    Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads
    YouTube Ads and Google Shopping Ads
    Gmail Ads and Facebook Ads
    Instagram Ads and Messenger Ads
    Audience Network Ads

  • Slicing and Dicing Data

    Live reporting and unique sales data contribute to evaluating and measuring your true marketing ROI. Automated reporting makes it a cinch to stay connected with campaign results. Easily interpret what types of ads are giving you the best results. Then, reiterate, rinse and repeat.

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